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tv   Early Start With Christine Romans  CNN  June 27, 2023 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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right now on "early start," cnn has obtained the tape of former president trump talking about having secret document that's did not declassify. and just in, russian officials say that they are dropping the insurrection charges againstwagner mercenary group. and a report detailing intelligence failures leading up to the january 6 capitol attack. good tuesday morning. welcome to our viewers in the united states and around the world. i'm christine romans. overnight, cnn has obtained the audio recording of the 2021
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meeting where former president trump discusses holding secret documents he does not declassify. listen. >> isn't it amazing? i have a big pile of papers. look. this was him. they presented me this. this is it ooff the record. but they presented me with this. this is the defense department and him. this was him. that wasn't done by me, it was him. all sorts of stuff. pages long. let's see here. -- isn't that amazing? this totally wins my case, you know, except it is like highly confidential, secret. as a president i could declassify, but now i can't. >> yeah, now we have a problem. >> isn't that interesting? so cool. we hear -- you probably almost didn't believe me, but now you
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believe me. >> no, i believed you. >> incredible, right? >> this conversation is a critical piece of evidence in the case of trump's alleged mishandling of classified information. and paula reid explains. >> reporter: this recording is from the summer 2021 at bedminster, speaking to two people working on an autobiography for mark meadows. and he knew that he was being recorded. his own aides were making a recording of the meeting. and in addition the folks working on that autobiography. but even though, he was surprisingly casual when talking about some of our nation's most sensitive secrets. he admits that the information that he is sharing with others in the room who do not have proper clearance or any clearance at all, he acknowledges that this is classified information, that he could have declassified it when he was in the white house, but
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that he no longer had the power to do so. now in public the former president has repeatedly said that he didn't have these documents, that it is not actually that document that he is referring to in this tape. but one interesting quote that you can hear on the cnn version of the tape that was not included in the indictment is that the former president said these are those papers. so he is insisting that whatever he appears to be showing people in the room are the papers that he alleges will vindicate him in terms of mark milley's comments about iran. now, this tape is expected to be a central piece of evidence for the special counsel. another aspect of the tape that was not included in the indictment is former president trump and one of his staffers knocking hillary clinton for her use of a private email server.
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that of course is not pertinent to the criminal case, but in the court of public opinion, it does appear to be uberous. paula reid, cnn. >> we might hear more reaction from the former president today. he will be campaigning in new hampshire. let's bring in daniel strauss from the new republic. so nice to see you. recent polling even just a few days ago shows trump strongly in e lead for the republican nomination. i wonder if developments like the audio from this tape, how that resonates at all with the gop base. >> i mean, the evidence we've seen so far is that developments like this on any of the investigations against trump do not really splinter his base in any substantial way. i've talked to democrat and republican pollsters who have
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said there is just a 30% chunk of the republican party that won't move and see any investigation as an actual witch hint against the former president. so, no, this does not present new information. a lot of republican base voters see him -- already know that he is under these indictments, that he faces questions over keeping very sensitive national security documents. and they don't seem to care. they are still interested in voting for him. so unless there is a new bombshell that is even bigger than this, i doubt that that voting bloc will move. >> yeah, there could be mounting legal jeopardy and on the legal front things can start to look pretty tough. and at the same time, his voting base especially evangelicals are not going to move. they are firmly behind the former president. so desantis, trump and nicknick
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haley will all be in new hampshire today. the group released a statement slamming desantis and calling the move unprecedented. is it a political misstep for desantis here? >> it is always hard to tell in new hampshire because so much of the politics is hyper local in any presidential cycle. it is always about what state lawmaker has which endorsement and what very traditional events a lawmaker is interested in going to. so, look, this is -- new hampshire voters are all about tradition and being recognized as the pacemakers of the presidential campaign. so it may not help. but desantis' problems and advantages really extend beyond one single fund raising event. >> yeah, yesterday he was at the
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border, texas/mexico border, outlining his plan. listen to part of what he said about president trump and the border wall. >> obviously you did have some wall built but not nearly enough. and i don't think that they even start ed doing it for a number f years. so a lot of what he is saying i agree with, but those were the seam things said back in 2016. >> so is the message i agree with the former president on border security but i could do it better? >> desantis clearly following through with his plan so far, which is that he wants to draw a contrast between trump and himself. he wants to argue that he is the stronger alternative on the issues that base voters care about like border security. not that trump is focused on the wrong priorities but he's been
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inefficient in trying to get things done. so that is desantis trying to thread the needle in both winning over the trump voters but also not challenging them or criticizing them in any way that would draw them away from desantis or another candidate and closer towards trump. >> daniel strauss, nice to chat with you. and this just in, russian officials say that they are dropping the insurrection charges against the wagner group for armed insurrection. officials say wagner's weapons will also be handed over. this comes as alexander lukashenko speaks out this morning saying that it was painful to watch the armed rebellion inside russia. lukashenko allowed yevgeny prigozhin to go to belarus after chaotic insurrection. both prigozhin and vladimir putin are now breaking their silence. >> translator: an armed
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rebellion would have been suppressed in any case. the organizers of the rebellion could not fail to understand this. they understood everything, including that they resorted to criminal acts to divide and weaken the country now confronting an external threat, pressure from outside. >> two factors played into my decision to turn ash. we wanted to avoid russian blood shed. and we marched in demonstration of a protest, not to overturn power in the country. >> and we're learning that u.s. intelligence officials had information about the revolt before it happened. they were able to gather an accurate picture of prigozhin's plans. and clare sebastian is live in london with more. clare, what are we learning this morning about the new developments about the charges being dropped and a wagner's weapons being returned? >> reporter: so this appears to
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be the security service making official what the kremlin spokesman said saturday night which was that those involved in the march, wagner fighters, would not face criminal liability. and the reason why seems to suggest that they are dropping charges because they stopped the march. because they didn't actually carry on and they aborted before they got to moscow. they don't mention prigozhin by name. still some confusion around whether the charges against him still stand or will as kremlin spokesman suggested be dropped. but significant also that we're getting news via state media from ministry of defense that wagner is preparing they say to hand over their weaponry to the ministry of defense. something that prigozhin in his audio message on monday said that they had been planning to do by june 30th before that alleged strike that he accuses russia of doing on the wagner camp which he says was the
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trigger for his so-called march for justice in russia. so this appears to be wagner reverting to that plan to actually hand over the weapons. significant because it does smack of some kind of dissolution of the group itself even though prigozhin in that same audio address said that he -- he talked about how lukashenko had offered a way for wagner to continue its work. so what will in fact be the status of the wagner group is a question. >> and what else has lukashenko been saying this morning? >> reporter: he said that he is putting his army on full readiness in light of the events in russia. we have a lot of expressions of support, unity, ties with russia. we know that the relationship is sort of a subsidiary of russia and the relationship has grown closer. he said that it was painful to watch the events that took place
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in the south of russia and he said in no case should you make a hero out of me for his role in that because they say they thought that it would resolve, but it didn't. so interesting admission of how things spiralled beyond perhaps what they were expecting. one thing that he did not say, a crucial elephant in the room, the whereabouts of prigozhin himself who has of course been told that he can now relocate to belarus. still waiting to see if that happens. >> i know a lot of rapid developments. thank you so much for following all of it. so much to break down. the insurrection, protests, and let's bring in a military analyst, retired colonel cedric lei leighton. so they are dropping the insurrection charges and that heavy military equipment will be handed over to the russian
2:13 am
military. >> good morning, christine. i'd say that means that putin has won at least this round of the battle between wagner group/prigozhin and putin. so it seems as if what the russian administration, what putin's folks are doing, they are taking control of the wagner group. it will be interesting to see how it unfolds on the battlefields of ukraine as well as wagner's far 234ru7k empire if you will in africa and syria and places like that. >> you say putin won. is he weakened by the episode and how much? >> yes, he is definitely weakened by this. and the reason he is weakened is the very fact that this rebellion was even mounted, that prigozhin got as far as 125 miles from moscow. that is a significant deal and a significant challenge to putin's leadership and it means that although weakened, putin will
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lash out as much as he can against wagner or anybody else who tries to mounts a rebellion. but this has happened in the past where a group will demonstrate their dissatisfaction, they will be subsumed temporarily by the state or whatever organization is running the country by that point in time and then the dissatisfaction will result perhaps in something else, something more serious than what we've seen so far. >> it will be so interesting to see what happens for the wagner group. takes major player in africa and syria and a lot of places doing the bidding of the kremlin sometimes unofficially in such a big way. it will be interesting to see how it all plays out. we've heard from the major players in last week's russian insurrection, lukashenko, vladimir putin, prigozhin. what do you make of putin in particular, his tone and
2:15 am
messaging with the statement armed rebellion would have been suppressed anyway? >> yeah, i think that he is looking at this from historical standpoint and also from the very -- from the standpoint the power position that he holds. he kept the ollie casigarchs in and intelligence services in line. and he was able to maintain control and he knew he had that control. prigozhin also knew that he had that control and i think that is the real reason why he stopped just short of moscow. he knew that he couldn't win and that the game was up. >> cedric leighton, thank you for your analysis. and this morning nearly 45 million people are under heat alerts answer the high temperatures will just get hotter. and this just in, a senate committee has just released a report laying out january 6 intelligence failures. details ahead.
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just in, security failures behind the january 6 attack on the u.s. capitol, quote, their plan was literally to kill people. that from a new report just released by democrats on the senate homeland security and governmental affairs committee, it focuses on the apparent intelligence failures in the lead up to january 6. let's bring in a former assistant secretary for the department of homeland security and harvard professor. good morning. >> good morning. >> i'm sure you've had a chance to tdigest this. and e port finds that former president trump was the primary cause of the insurrection. that is in the report. buoes on to say fact remains th the federal agencies tasked with preventing terrorism did not sound the alarm and much of the violence that follow order january of may have been prevented had they
2:21 am
done so. pretty pointed language there putting the energy square squar president trump but faulting for not seeing that it was going to happen. >> and those of us outside government were sounding the alarm because we're monitoring the same public information that the fbi was. the fbi for a number of reasons that the report cites was unwilling or unable to do so. one -- there are three explanations. one is just clearly the agents understood what was going on, they just could not grasp that this was likely to happen. the send is that they erroneously focused on intra right wing fighting. they were focused on the groups going against each other rather than the groups unifying and going after politicians. and third is the basic
2:22 am
technological issue which is for inexplicable reasons, and i'm not into conspiracy theorys, but january 2021 they switched their public monitoring system called day ta miner to a new system. and so the agents were caught off guard. so a lot of bad explanations for why it happened. >> and confusion about who was in charge. the report says d.o.d. pointing to doj as the lead, buj saying no agency had been designated the lead and officials from other agencies also report confusion about who was in charge. what are the lessons going forward from that in particular? >> one way they could have made someone in charge is to designate january 6 like an inauguration, like any other major event, we call them national -- special national security events.
2:23 am
those are ones in which the federal government will focus, you will have a lead agency, generally the secret service. because january 6 was just like a date that no one had ever thought of before because the question of certifying electoral votes never came up, no president has ever directed an insurrection, there was no focus on it as a security threat. and therefore none of the agencies knew if this was a law enforcement issue, was it military issue, or was this a homeland security issue. that could have been easily corrected had they taken the threat seriously and said that we have a problem. >> julia, certainly food for thought in this report. no question. nice to see you. and seve weather across the u.s.ausing a mess for air travelers. more than 1,000 flights are already delayed or cancelled today as thunderstorms snarl traffic in and out of the busiest airports. and meanwhile millions across the south are facing an extreme
2:24 am
heatwave expected to ten th through -- continue through the holiday. and jennifer gray has the draft. where is severe weather expected to affect travelers? >> we've had rough weather across the northeast and it has a tomorrdomino effect. we've had strong storms across the east coast. we had seven tornado reports in the last 24 hours. 202 wind reports. so some really rough weather and the cold front is not quite all the way through, so we're still getting some showers and storms across the mid-atlantic into the northeast and new england. so once the front pushes through, the storm should clear out. so we are going to look for improvement by the time we get into i'd say late today, we still have storms to deal with today and this evening and once we get into the overnight hours and into tomorrow, you can see much better weather. so still lingering storms, but
2:25 am
the biggest threat is out near the plains with potential for tornados today as well. and you mentioned heat across texas, this extreme heat -- a heatwave still going on, this dome of high pressure over the lone star state. it is trapping all of the heat in and it has been going on for more than two weeks. it will extend another week. more than 60 high temperature records are responsible. you can see temperatures are really not letting up much at all, little rock in the triple digits for several days. jackson hitting 110. austin in the triple digits. dallas 110 today. temperatures staying in the triple digits. so we're looking at unchartered territory across many of the places with this extreme heat setting many records. >> everyone stay safe. thank you, jennifer. still ahead, a look at putin he rise to power the past two decades. and officials in italy are trying to track down this man.
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this week end's wagner group rebellion has shattered any preconceived image of putin and his authority. also called into question his political future for the first time in 23 years. randi kaye has more on his rise to power. >> reporter: he is the ultimate alpha male. or he wants the world to believe that. often shirtless, often hunting or taking a submarine down to the deep black sea.
2:31 am
he was born in october 1952 in what is now st. petersburg. in 1975, he joined the kgb. in 1999, then president boris yeltsin appointed him prime minister. at the time even president george bush was impressed though it didn't last. >> i found him to be very straightforward and trustworthy. >> reporter: putin was reelected in 2004. by 2008, he had reached the term limit under the russian constitution, so he got creative and switched jobs with then dmitry medvedev. so medvedev was elected president and named putin as prime minister. a move that raised questions about how much power medvedev really had. in office medvedev changed the constitution extending presidential terms from four years to six years. before putin was reelected president again in 2012.
2:32 am
[ speaking non-english ] ♪ putin has ruled russia for more than two decades and his power is undeniable. he escalated the war in chechnya, invaded ukraine and his government allegedly interfered in the 2016 presidential election though he denied that. he also allegedly had a hand of disposing of critics like a former spy who died weeks after drinking a poisoned laced tea. the kremlin denied his involvement. still putin won his last election in 2018 with more than 76% of the vote. his critics have slammed the election as unfair citing tight control over the media and election monitors. some critics say putin has used his reign just to enrich himself.
2:33 am
now one of putin's toughest critics -- >> estimate his net worth $200 billion. >> reporter: exact details about his wealth are hard to come by. these photos from inside one of his lavish homes was shared by an independent russian journalist who left the country. >> he loves gold. and he loves his rich life very much. >> reporter: putin also likes to keep his private life private. but news of his long time mistress with whom he reportedly has children has made headlines. these are pictures of putin with the former olympic gymnast who is about 30 years younger than putin. she and putin met more than a decade ago but rarely seen together. >> she has a long and rich experience -- >> reporter: despite his grip on power now suddenly questioned, he is expected to rule until at
2:34 am
least 2024 where at age 71 he will end his fourth presidential term. but he signed legislation in 2021 that would allow him to run for two more terms. which could mean that he may be in office until 2036. randi kaye, cnn. and a romantic gesture has sparked outrage in rome. the cultural minute strer calls for a tourist to be sanctioned after being filmed allegedly carving names into the roman coliseum. a tweet shows him using keys to carve it into the wall, ivan plus haley 23. the man could face fines or prison term if convicted. coming up, key decisions the supreme court is expected to make in the last week of the summer session. and 2,000 years of life
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in a few hours the supreme court is expected to release a new batch of opinions. it is the final week of the summer session and while we don't know exactly which decisions will come down today, jessica schneider breaks down all the big cases the country is waiting for. >> reporter: we're in the final week of the supreme court with the justices set to release a handful of decisions. first they will weigh in on affirmative action, whether colleges and universities can continue to consider race as a factor. and affirmative action has been allowed at most schools for more than four decades. but many court watchers believe that this conservative court will prohibit the use of race in admissions decisions drastically changing the way students are admitted to schools.
2:40 am
and we're waiting on a decision about whether the biden administration can implement its student loan forgiveness program that will wipe out up to $20,000 for millions. the biden administration did meet a lot of resistance. conservative justices in particular pointed to the hefty price tag it costs, $400 billion, and they also asked if the department of education really has the authority to wipe out debt to more than 40 million people. so we should get a final answer by the end of this week. and also we're waiting for a decision on whether a wedding website designer can refuse to make websites for same sex couples. she says that the law violates her free speech since she only wants to create websites for things that she believes in. and finally the supreme court could decide whether to adopt a
2:41 am
controversial election doctrine called the independent state legislature theory. it gives the ultimate authority over federal elections and rules to state lawmakers. now, this was a theory pushed by trump allies when they tried to overturn the 2020 election and that is why a decision from the supreme court could be so consequential on that. so a lot remaining in the final few days of the term and we'll find out more beginning tuesday at 10:00 a.m. jessica schneider, cnn, washington. quick hits across america. the shooter in the colorado lgbtq massacre gets five life sentences plus 2200 years after pleading guilty monday. anderson aldridge killed five and injured 19 others at club q in 2022. a convicted murderer in florida elbows his lawyer just before sentencing. he was sentenced to death for killing a young girl and her baby-sitter 33 years ago. and the cdc warns about cases of malaria in the u.s. five cases over the last two
2:42 am
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your roman's numeral, 1.27 million. americans believe that they will need $1.27 million to retire comfortably. northwestern mutual says that was 1.25 million last year. the average that americans have saved is just over 89 grand. looking at markets, asian markets finished mixed. china premier predicts 5% economic growth.
2:47 am
and on wall street, stock index futures barely positive this morning. markets really unfazed by russia's weekend drama, but slipped at the close yesterday dragged down by tech shares. russia of course is a major oil producer, crude oil prices initially rose on instability but it slipped back. gas prices fell a penny overnight to $3.56 a gallon, well below the $4.90 at this time last year. today consumer confidence number and new home sales due out later this morning. let's bring in mark zandi. i wanted to get your thoughts on the weekend traumad draw thatma russia. you wrote that # the global economy uld get a big boost if russia's internaconflict forced it to curtail its war more quickly. the war has done serious
2:48 am
economic damage and while the western response has cushioned the blow ending the aggressive would lift a dark economic. could this be good for the economy? >> i think that there are a lot of paths that this could go down. most likely is scenario that putin continues to prosecute the war. and that is not good. creates a lot of uncertainty. but the global economy has figured out a way to around it. but there is a scenario where this puts tremendous pressure on putin to wind down and ultimately withdraw from ukraine and i think that that would be a positive obviously for the peek of ukraine and for the global economy because it lists the critical uncertainty, stabilizes global commodity prices and that
2:49 am
is a big plus for global growth. obviously there are other darker paths that we could entertain, but i think that the more optimistic path is the more likely path. >> and you mentioned oil prices have been relatively stable here. is that concerns about global growth keeping demand weak? what is your read on global oil prices? >> yeah, that has been great, right? we've had $70 oil per barrel. price for $3.50 for gasoline. well down from where we were a year ago. 5 buck as gallon was record high. and it goes to demand and supply. demand has been soft, particularly because the chinese economy has been kind of struggling here to get off the ground with the no covid policy. and china clearly a big consumer of oil. so their economy soft and not consuming oil, that keeps more supplies on the market. so that has been good.
2:50 am
and then demand here in the u.s. also moving in the right direction. if you go before the pandemic, we were consuming 21 million barrels of oil a day. now we're consuming 20 million barrels a day. goes to a lot of different things including remote work and less commuting, but less demand and continued supply, that means stable oil prices sflp and you wrote a piece called why i'm betting on a u.s. recession. consumers are the firewall between recession and growigrowing economy. and i think that the consumers has continued to surprise us every time. and the white house is actually sort of positioning this week to start focusing again on biden-omnics, infrastructure spending, things the white house is trying to show that they are building from the middle out and not the top down. what is your sense of whether we
2:51 am
can really skirt the recession? are the biden policies helping? >> i don't want to be pollyanish. obviously the federal reserve is raising rates to quell the inflation. but i think that we have a fighting chance to get through without a recession. and consumers are hanging tough for a lot of reasons including the savings that they built up during the pandemic because they couldn't spend and because of american support, the american rescue plan a piece of legislation passed early on to help the economy. and i think that there areare pluses and minuses, but i think back to full employment because of the very aggressive policies. and i think that things like the infrastructure plan, "inflation reduction act," chips act so
2:52 am
people produce at home, i think that will help the economy longer run. we are left with a larger debt load and i think that is a longer term issue. so not an unambiguous plus, but i think generally policies have been good. >> mark zandi, thank you so much. president biden has announced investment in high speed internet. and president biden says that this funding along with other federal investments aims to connect every person in america to reliable internet by the year 2030. around 8.5 million homes and businesses are not connected to the internet. that is about 7% of the population. ahead on "cnn this morning," more on the audio obtained by cnn of former president trump talking about the classified documents he had in his possession. >> as president i could have declassified, but now i can't. but this is -- >> yeah, we have a problem. >> isn't that interesting? so cool.
2:53 am
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lsu are kings of college baseball after blowing out florida. andy scholes has the "bleacher report." >> game one a thriller that lsu won by one in extra innings. game two, florida scored 24 runs in the record-setting blowout. but last night all lsu in the winner take all game three. first two batters actually getting hits and scoring, but florida then only got three hits the rest of the night.
2:58 am
lsu meanwhile got their bats going scoring six runs in the second. and then blew it wide open scoring four more in the fourth. lsu in the end gets to do that ultimate dog pile as they win their seventh national title, first since 2009 beating florida 18-4. and tigers ace who didn't have to come in last night, he was named world series most outstanding player. >> this is what i came here do. what all of us came here do. and we did it. so extremely gratifying. i was available, but the game was not close enough, so i didn't end up throwing. >> this is what i dreamed of ever since i was a freshman. this moment right here. best feeling in the world. i can't put words to it. let's bring it back to lsu. let's go! and nhl handing out awards
2:59 am
in nashville. connor mcdavid collected three of the top individual honors including the hart oig trophy f mvp. the guy who doesn't vote for him first somehow voted for him fifth which was definitely a head scratcher. mcdavid led in goals, assists and points. and brittney griner is a starter for the all-star game in las vegas. it will be her ninth appearance, sixth as a starter. griner says she's grateful for the honor after missing last season while being detained in russia. >> i'll honored any time that i get voted into all-star, i know it will be a great time. i didn't think that i would be in this seat a while ago. but like i said, just honored to be an all-star and go down to vegsas and make it a good one. and check out this moment.
3:00 am
the belgian shot putter filling in for an injured dream mate. and not exactly demonstrating expert form, but she was all smiles after finishing well behind the other competitors. and she spoke with don riddell about the unique experience. >> in my head, it looks a bit but it could be worse as well. so, i'm just happy that i have memory of a great moment like that. >> what a team player there. team would have been disqualified if she did not step up. >> hurdles are terrifying when you know what you're doing. good for her. thank you, andy scholes. thank you for joining me. i'm christine romans. "cnn this morning" start


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